Pancakes & pride in Amsterdam

If you didn’t catch my last post – I started a new food blog! I’d love it if you’d check it out!

Two weeks ago, on a super sunny and early Saturday morning, I met the wonderful Syd at the Amsterdam central station. She was on a layover on her way to Norway so we had only about 10 hours together, but we made the most of them!

The city is eerily quiet at 7 in the morning – you basically have the place to yourself.


amsterdam pride

After some much needed caffeine at McDonalds – turns out absolutely nothing is open in Amsterdam before 9.30, so thank you Micky D’s for being so North American at heart! – we set off on our first mission of the day: brunch at CT Coffee & Coconuts. We’d actually been the last time Syd was here, but the place was so packed that all we got was coffee. This time, though… this time it was like we owned the place! (Getting anywhere in Amsterdam at 9.30 will, I suppose, do that for you.)

Coffee & Coconuts is spread out over three floors, with a funky mix of exposed brick walls and bean bag chairs. Plants hang from the ceilings, and little coconut-inspired details are dotted around the place.

amsterdam coffee & coconuts

Of course we went for bean bag chairs. They’re not pretty to get in or out of, but man are they ever delightful!

amsterdam coffee & coconuts


After much deliberation, we chose to split the brioche French toast and the coconut pancakes. Both were very good, but I think as a Canadian you’re sort of ruined for French toast if it doesn’t have maple syrup on it! The atmosphere more than made up for it, though.



If you’re in Amsterdam early-ish (or perhaps on a weekday), definitely check out Coffee & Coconuts – and go sit on the top floor! Even if it’s just for coffee, the setting will make you feel like a kid again, albeit in a super hip location.

Next up on our list was Vondel Park, with a pit stop at the Albert Cuyp market for fresh stroopwafels. (Totally reasonable right after brunch, right?) With fear in my heart of my phone battery dying, I regrettably took no pictures of these escapades, so I’ll describe it in a few words: hot, gooey syrup nestled between two thin wafers. Insisting that we couldn’t possibly eat one each, but then totally regretting it a bit when the one we shared was over. Snoozing in the sun in VondelPark for a couple hours (Syd was still on Toronto time, which meant that she’d missed a night).

With our batteries recharged, next up was the Pride parade. A huge procession of floats on boats, parading through the canals of Amsterdam, cheered on by an absolutely massive crowd. The atmosphere was incredible! Arnaud of Dutchified actually filmed a really great video that captures it far better than I could, so I’ll pop that down here.

We followed the procession and then, somehow, through no fault of our own, ended up at a little hole-in-the-wall fry stand on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Where we may or may not have had fries last time Syd was here. I cannot confirm or deny.

All too soon in was time for Syd to head back to Schiphol – but we’ll be seeing each other again very soon, because in less than a week I’ll be in Toronto! Pieter and I fly out to NYC for a few days on Saturday (very very excited!) and then head to Toronto on Tuesday, and I cannot wait. If you’ve got Snapchat, I’ve just joined (and am still learning… ahem) and will try to ‘snap’ (see how hip I am? see?!) some of our trip. You can add me under the name feastwithsophie!

Hope everyone is having an excellent week so far – happy Thursday! xx