Utrecht Summer

First things first – I hope all you Canadians out there had a great Canada day! Mine was excellent, with an impromptu Skype session with family, all decked out in Canada attire and heading off to the Canada Day parade – my heart! I decided to get festive myself and now have a temporary tattoo of the flag on my (bulging) bicep.

But anyway! When it’s sunny out in Holland, the energy in the streets is just incredible. I guess it’s because the Dutch are accustomed to their fair share of rain and grey skies, so whenever it’s nice, it’s basically expected that you drop everything and soak up as much sunshine as you possible can. Everyone rushes to the nearest terrace/stretch of grass/canal and just enjoys.

Utrecht, if possible, is even more beautiful than usual right now.



My awesome friend Katelyn was here for a few days during a mini heat wave, and we took full advantage!

There were picnics.


Drinks on Neude – of course. (I was back on Neude this weekend for drinks with Hayley, Alison, and Senja, three fellow Utrecht-region bloggers!)


Creeping of strangers’ gardens.


And general merriment! I seriously don’t think I’ll ever get over how gorgeous it is here.



Tonight the Tour de France festivities officially start (the Grand Depart is taking place in Utrecht) and it is sweltering, and only getting hotter this weekend! Oh baby.

Also, with the humidity my hair has reached dimensions previously only ever encountered in the Caribbean.



They’re predicting that the population in Utrecht is going to at least double this weekend, so I think there’s only one thing for it: get out there and enjoy the stickiness!

So, on that note, I hope you are all having excellent weeks and are hopefully not melting if you’re in my neck of the woods.

Happy Thursday everyone!