Updates + a new food blog!

(This post is quite long, so I’m going to lure you into reading it by interspersing my words with pictures of food. Too long, don’t want to read? Scroll down to the end for a summary!)

The main point of this whole post: I’ve started a new blog, dedicated entirely to food! If you’re interested, it would mean a lot to me if you’d check it out and add it to your reading list.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I absolutely loooove food. I dream about it, talk about it, travel for it … I just love it. I wrote more about my gluttony in this post, but basically: I am always hungry and always thinking about food.

utrecht, macaron

caulils, raclette

At the end of March I decided to dip my little toe into the enormous online food community: I started up an Instagram account dedicated entirely to my gluttony (username feastwithsophie). Around that time I also started thinking about starting up a blog specifically for food and recipes. I started reading photography tutorials and food photography books, and things got quite experimental in the kitchen (not to mention fattening but hey!). I took hundred of pictures of a single bowl of soup … before realizing that said soup was smeared all over the sides of the bowl. I rolled pasta for a particular tortellini recipe three times in one month because, while pasta is delicious, for some reason it doesn’t photograph well easily. (Same holds for pizza.) I got crafty and used extra fabric from our curtains as a table cloth. Needless to say things have gotten pretty wild around here.

There are still things I want to add or fix up on the blog (namely the layout – using this trusty one for now!). But I figure that if I don’t hit publish on that first post now, I could still be ‘waiting’ for the perfect moment one year from now. So I’m doing it! And I have to say I’m proud of myself, because I am the worst kind of perfectionist – the kind that second guesses every decision and is never quite satisfied with what she’s done.


taqueria, notting hill

Another update: about a month and a half ago, a totally unexpected but extremely welcome freelancing editing gig landed in my funemployed lap. I gladly took it and, long story short, I’m officially a business now! I still find it weirdly hilarious to say that but it’s true.

So basically – I’m in a kind of weird but mostly exciting stage of my life right now where lots of new things are happening but I have no real idea of what they might turn into and how long they will last. The scary thing about freelancing – at least for me – is that it feels like you could ALWAYS be doing something more to. (I also felt that way about being a student, but at least as a student you have some sort of structure.) Unlike my old jobs at the university, I can be putting in 8 hours a day and not notice any effects at all – I could spend 5 hours applying to freelance jobs and sending out emails and not receive a single reply, nor a single penny. For the most part I understand, rationally, that a new business is not miraculously going to start thriving after one month – but on occasion I do have a moment of panic about it!

summer, netherlands

broodnodig, utrecht

But anyhow. All of that to say that I’m excited. The ‘woo-woo’ part of me feels like I’ve been handed an incredible opportunity to forge my own path. Like it’s a huge privilege to be able to be (hopefully in the future) able to sustain myself with my freelance editing work, which I have always enjoyed, while still having the flexibility to work on my passion for food.

I don’t know yet what I’ll do with Sophie in Clogs. I’ve been blogging here (albeit sporadically) for over two years, and even though I want to focus on the new blog, I don’t think I’m quite ready to part with this one yet. Plus I’m using the same hosting company for Feast with Sophie as I am for this baby, so there’s really no need to decide anything for the time being.

In sum:

1. I am venturing into the world of food blogging with my new blog, Feast with Sophie.
2. I am registered as a business and am officially a freelance editor.
3. I will continue to blog here for the foreseeable future.

If you read all of that: thank you! And thank you for returning to this blog even though I can be rather neglectful of it. It means a lot. I love being a part of this online community, and even though I want to move into a community that focuses more on my passion, I will still be lurking in the travel/expat/lifestyle blogging community and reading all of the lovely blogs there. Going through my Bloglovin feed has become my morning ritual and I’m not ready to kick that just yet!