Extremely hip in Rotterdam

I was going through pictures on my computer when I realized there was a whole set that I hadn’t yet shared from back when Syd was staying with us (oops). Better late than never! Also, does anyone else feel like time is just flying? I didn’t expect to feel this way given that I am unemployed and fairly stressed about it, but for some reason I cannot understand how it’s already been a month since Syd left.

We started our day in Rotterdam at the Markthal, where I introduced Syd to poffertjes (teeny tiny pancakes with butter and powdered sugar). Syd wrote the most comprehensive guide to Dutch food ever, so you should definitely check that out here!
Having filled our stomachs, we set off on an epic walk across both the Willems- and Erasmus bridges in search of a hipster food market Syd had been to before: the Fenix Food Factory.



(Also, while Syd was here we had insanely good weather!)


The market was as hip as I’d been promised, nestled in an old factory building – very understated compared to the Markthal.




In the day you can get yourself an assortment of cheeses (on a wooden plank I might add!) for a really fair price, or buy all sorts of organic produce from the various vendors set up inside. The market was slowly closing as we arrived, but we ducked into the brewery, the Kaapse Brouwerij, and relaxed after our extremely strenuous day of eating and walking in the sun …




(Blogger hard at work!)

The brewery was a really friendly little spot to grab a drink, and attracted all sorts. Definitely worth a trip, especially if it’s a nice day out and you’re up for a big walk! Otherwise, you can always grab a drink on a terrace at the Nieuwe Haven, right by Rotterdam Blaak station. There are a few really nice cocktail bars there and the view can’t be beat.

Since Syd and my parents have left, I’m afraid I haven’t been up to too much photogenic activity! I’m still avidly job hunting but am getting nowhere at the moment, which I am trying not to let stress me out too much. Instead, here’s what I’ve been up to in super condensed form:

1. Following an online Introduction to Finance course via Coursera. I absolutely love Coursera and it’s amazing how much you can learn for free – long live the internet! Why finance? I’m not sure, but I am learning a ton and it’s definitely helpful for daily life.
2. Reading in Dutch! I flew through Divergent (loved it) and am now nearly done Insurgent, which is alright … but I don’t think I’ll read the third one. Any suggestions for an easy read after this?
3. Working on a little food-related project! This means a lot of cooking and eating – surely not terrible things?
4. Jogging! And by jogging, I mean Pieter and I have been jogging about five times in the past month … which is 5 more times than the last 6 months combined, so it’s a victory!

I hope you guys are all doing well and that your week has been awesome so far. I’m going to get back to Finance now as I have a homework deadline approaching and I still can’t make heads or tails of it!

Happy Wednesday everyone! xx