A week in pictures

I’m bundled up in my fleecy Canada Blanket, my unseasonal penguin mug filled to the brim with ginger-lemon tea, one of my favourite Bath & Body Works candles burning, and the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows soundtrack playing totally normally in the background (I blame Syd!). I have finally succumbed to the nasty cold that’s been going around this month – special thanks to the kind strangers who coughed all over me during my morning commute, that was truly delightful and not all disgusting.

Because my pity party isn’t really something I’d like to have photographic evidence of later, and also because my head feels like it’s full of wool right now, I thought I’d do a sort of ‘life lately’ post and recount the past week’s highlights in picture form.

haarlem, netherlands

Last Tuesday I met my wonderful friend Katerz out in Haarlem for a final afternoon together before she caught her plane back to Victoria, BC. We had coffee at the La Place on the top floor of the V&D and were rewarded for wading through the downpour with this lovely little rainbow.
(There’s also a 100% chance we got matching penguin mugs on the way out!)

haarlem, netherlands

Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite the end of the storm! We ended up ducking in and out of stores all afternoon, taking any dry moment as an opportunity to explore charming side streets. We also went back to visit the street where Katelyn’s grandmother was born – definitely a touching experience.

haarlem, netherlands

haarlem, netherlands

haarlem, the netherlands

We stumbled into a place called the Art of Tea, Herbs & Spices (Grote Houtstraat 153), the walls lined with – you guessed it! – every kind of tea and fresh herbs and spices you could possibly imagine. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for tea. We took our time sniffing absolutely everything, and I walked out with a big bag of loose-leaf called ‘sweet hot spicy milkshake’ which has nothing to do with a milkshake but is super delicious!

IMG_3282 1


On Friday, it was Pieter’s 26th birthday, and as his birthday cake he in fact requested an apple pie. I’d never made one before but, with a lot of help from Syd, I pulled off this beauty! And I have yet to stop gloating.

apple pie

The finished product is un-pictured on a count of gluttony.

I surprised Pieter with a trip to London next weekend, and tickets to see The Book or Mormon! FINALLY! So I’ve been very excitedly planning that, and can’t wait for our little getaway!
Here’s hoping the weather over there is a bit nicer than it’s been here … cough cough …

the hague, the netherlands

(Oh, lovely Den Haag!)

Finally, right before I was shot down in the ‘pribe of libe’ (anyone?), I went out for dinner with some of my coworkers to say goodbye to one of our visiting researchers, who is returning to Spain this week. It was only seven when we arrived at FF on Kloksteeg in Leiden (food was a bit underwhelming to be honest), but it was already pitch black, which meant that the city was absolutely breath-taking. It was so quiet, and when we left the restaurant it had gotten so chilly that it really felt like the holiday season! (But I shall contain my Christmas enthusiasm until Saturday, when in my opinion it’s fair game!)


The Rapenburg (above) is my absolute favourite street/canal in the entire city.



Not a bad week when I see it pictured like that!
Now I am quite frankly going to lay my head right down on this couch and let the music hopefully lull me into dreams about Hogwarts. I hope you guys are all doing splendidly and have stronger immune systems than I!